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M3 Framework Introduction M3 Framework Overview M3 Phase 0 - Assessment M3 Phase 1 - Readiness M3 Phase 2 - Selection M3 Phase 3 - Engagement M3 Phase 4 - Migration M3 Phase 5 - Operations M3 Resources Phase 0: AssessmentPhase 1: ReadinessPhase 2: SelectionPhase 3: EngagementPhase 4: MigrationPhase 5: Operations
Phase 2: Selection

Objective: Conduct due diligence to identify and select the provider based on requirements and initial target end state.

Phase 2 Playbook Phase 2 Guidance Phase 2 TollgateLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
Phase 2 Provider Selection Program Management Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders Technology Process and Service Delivery
2.1 Select Provider for Engagement
2.2 Update Life Cycle Cost Estimate for Engagement, Migration, and O&M
2.3 Monitor and Control Program Execution
2.4 Maintain and Execute Risk Processes
2.5 Design Labor Relations Outreach
2.6 Develop Change Management Plan
2.7 Conduct Initial Data Cleansing
2.8 Develop a Decommission Plan
2.9 Understand As-Is Business Processes

Phase 2 Documentation: The following documentation is developed during Phase 2 and is used to inform the Phase 2 Tollgate Review discussion. Agencies purchasing transaction processing services only will identify relevant activities and artifacts for their projects using the M3 Services Tailoring Guide.

Artifact Samples: For sample documentation from previous modernizations and migrations, please go to M3 Artifact Samples MAX Page.

Phase 2 Documentation
Provider Assessment Report (Federal Only)
• Engagement Phase IAA (Federal Only)
• Data Cleansing Plan
M3 Risk Assessment Tool
Business Needs Workbook
• Evaluation Criteria
• Draft Request for Information (RFI) and Responses (Commercial Only)
• Implementation Approach/Schedule
• Price Estimates for Engagement, Migration, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
• Business Process Reengineering Strategy
• Validated As-Is Process Maps
• Draft Request For Proposal (RFP) (Commercial Only)
• Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE) for Engagement, Migration, and O&M
• Procurement Plan
Initial Master Schedule
HR/Staffing Plan
• Program Management Plan
• Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Plan
Status Reports/Dashboard
Risk Management Plan
Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions (RAID) Log
• Labor Relations Strategy
• Change Management Plan
• Communications Plan
• Baseline Readiness Assessment
• Data Cleansing Scripts
• Decommission Plan
Information Contained in Tollgate Discussion
Phase 2 Tollgate Review

1. M3 Risk Assessment Tool
2. Initial Master Schedule Overview
4. Provider Selection Summary
5. HR/Staffing Plan Update (Customer)
6. HR/Staffing Plan Overview (Provider)
7. Scope of Services Overview
8. Business Needs Workbook
9. Procurement Approach
10. Change Management and Communication Approach
11. Labor Relations Strategy
12. Data Management/Data Quality Approach
13. Draft RFI and Responses (Commercial Only)
14. Top Risks
15. Decommission Plan

Exit Criteria (to Move to Phase 3)
✓Provider Selected (Federal Only)
✓RFP Drafted (Commercial Only)
Business Needs Workbook
✓Mitigation Plans in Place for Major Risks/Issues
✓Initial Master Schedule Updated
✓Staffing Plan Ready for Execution
✓Data Cleansing Commenced
✓LCCE Updated for Engagement, Migration, and O&M
✓Communications to Stakeholder Delivered