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M3 Playbook > Phase 2: Selection > 2.9 Understand As-Is Business Processes

2.9 Understand As-Is Business Processes

Process and Service Delivery

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Identify initial business process re-engineering strategy by understanding areas of change

  2. Customer

    Validate as-is business processes with stakeholders to understand process flows, transaction volumes, workload, end user security roles, and enabling technology. If as-is business processes do not exist, develop a strategy to address training and change management gaps created by the lack of as-is business processes

  3. Customer

    Determine if as-is business processes are in line with the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) use cases and make updates as applicable

  4. Customer

    Report updates in governance meetings and Status Reports/Dashboards, informing QSMOs as necessary

2.9 Best Practices

  • Validate as-is processes and workloads to be able to understand the magnitude of change in the target state environment
  • Perform business process realignment activities in addition to traditional business process reengineering
  • Identify key functional process leads and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to drive process ownership and decision making
  • Leverage business use cases through the FIBF website



  • Business Owner
  • Functional Lead
  • Functional Team
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect
  • Technical SME
  • Functional SME


  • Existing As-Is Process Documentation


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