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Program Management

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Conduct an organizational review assessing current state analysis to identify potential areas for a modernization or migration effort

  2. Customer

    Determine optimal path for modernization or migration effort; keeping services in-house or moving to an external shared service solution (look to the Embarking On Shared Services Strategies Tool)

  3. Customer

    Create Vision Statement and Objectives of modernization or migration

  4. Customer

    Identify in-scope service area(s) provided through the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) website (e.g. financial management, human capital, acquisition, grants management, travel)

  5. Customer

    Identify in-scope function(s) from service area list provided through FIBF website

  6. Customer

    Begin to define Scope of Services (i.e. modernizing to shared system, migrating to shared transaction processing service(s), or both)

  7. Shared

    Conduct initial market research with QSMOs to identify what currently exists in the QSMO Marketplace

  8. Shared

    If no previous engagement has occurred, coordinate with QSMOs for costing information, additional detail, and Investment Action Planning (IAP) discussions

  9. Customer

    Define Expected Benefits from the Service and/or System being acquired

  10. Customer

    Determine High Level Timelines for modernization or migration

0.1 Best Practices

  • Leverage an outside group for facilitation of visioning session with organization executives. Consider contacting for facilitation services
  • Define the following if hosting a visioning session with key stakeholders: vision statement and objectives, identify which service areas will be migrated to a common solution, identify functions available through the FIBF, expected benefits from the Service and/or System being acquired, and high level timelines
  • To help prepare and facilitate a visioning session, the following documents can be utilized: search “Establish or Update your Vision Statement” on to define vision, leverage the Goal Playbook to create goals or search “Set or Revise Goals” on, and search “Outcomes Matrix” on to help define the end state
  • For a cloud migration, consider contacting GSA’s Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) at and reviewing the following resources in MAX: “Cloud Readiness: Preparing Your Agency for Migration”, “Key Cost Considerations for Agencies Planning Cloud Migration”, “DCOI PMO IaaS Considerations for the Data Center Community”



  • Executive Sponsor
  • Organization Executives (CXOs)
  • Program Manager
  • PMO Lead, if on-boarded


  • QSMO


  • Government-wide Standards defined through the FIBF website


  • Vision Statement
  • In-scope Service Area(s) and Function(s)
  • Expected Benefits
  • High Level Timelines

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