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M3 Framework Introduction M3 Framework Overview M3 Phase 0 - Assessment M3 Phase 1 - Readiness M3 Phase 2 - Selection M3 Phase 3 - Engagement M3 Phase 4 - Migration M3 Phase 5 - Operations M3 Resources
M3 Playbook > Phase 3: Engagement
3.3 Update and Maintain Procurement Plans
3.2 Integrate Governance Structures
3.4 Monitor and Control Program Execution
Image Map Phase 0: Assessment Phase 1: Readiness Phase 2: Selection Phase 3: Engagement Phase 4: Migration Phase 5: Operations
Objective: Develop integrated Procurement Plans and strategy to meet migration and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) needs, inclusive of professional services, hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Phase 3 GuidanceLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
1. Sign Interagency Agreement (IAA) for Phase 3 Engagement support if a Federal provider was selected in Phase 2 (S)
2. Release Request for Proposal (RFP) for Phase 3 Engagement services if a commercial provider path was selected in Phase 2 (C)
3. Evaluate solicitation responses, conduct final evaluation and award contract to selected commercial provider (C)
4. Update Procurement Plans based on migration timeline and scope (C, P)
5. Collaborate with category manager (or designated team) to identify acquisition strategy for any additional support contracts (C, P)
6. Manage procurement lifecycle and contract performance against Procurement Plan for Phase 3 program support services (C, P)
7. Develop RFPs, Requests for Quotes (RFQs), and Performance Work Statements (PWSs) for Phases 4 and 5 (C, P)
8. Draft IAA for Phase 4 and draft, negotiate, and finalize IAA (C, P)
9. Report changes to Procurement Plans and procurement decisions in governance meetings and Status Reports/Dashboards (C, P)

• Customer Procurement Strategy
• Provider Procurement Strategy
• PMO Structure and Processes
• Governance Structure and Processes

• Procurement Plan
• Executive Sponsor (C, P)
• Business Owner (C, P)
• Program Manager (C, P)
• PMO Lead (C, P)
• PMO Team (C, P)
• Contracting or Procurement Officer (as needed) (C, P)

Best Practice
• Identify personnel from the customer and provider agencies with critical skill sets and align them with specific program activities
• Bring on subject matter experts (SMEs) and information technology (IT) personnel on a timely manner to ensure a successful migration
• Define people, budget, and contracts before beginning implementation activities; align activities to specific resources in the IMS
• Validate software license needs based on user counts