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M3 Framework Introduction M3 Framework Overview M3 Phase 0 - Assessment M3 Phase 1 - Readiness M3 Phase 2 - Selection M3 Phase 3 - Engagement M3 Phase 4 - Migration M3 Phase 5 - Operations M3 Resources
M3 Playbook > Phase 4: Migration
4.15 Design and Develop Reports
4.14 Design and Develop Interfaces
4.16 Conduct Mock Conversions
Image Map Phase 0: Assessment Phase 1: Readiness Phase 2: Selection Phase 3: Engagement Phase 4: Migration Phase 5: Operations
Objective: Design and develop operational reports.

Phase 4 GuidanceLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
1. Based on reporting requirements within Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), design reports (P)
2. Leverage standard reports available in the existing application (S)
3. Validate report designs with customer (S)
4. Build and unit test reports (P)
5. Provide sample reports and prepare for user testing (P)

• Reports Design Document

• Reports Design Document
• Program Manager (P)
• Technical Lead/Solution Architect (P)
• Development Team (P)
• Functional Lead (P)
• Functional SME (C, P)
• Network SME (P)

Best Practice
• Conduct a thorough analysis of current reports to determine which are still needed or used before developing reports in the new system
• Prioritize reporting requirements and develop reports in phases
• Include sufficient time to develop and test reports