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M3 Playbook > Phase 0: Assessment
0.2 Develop Major IT Business Case
0.1 Define Vision
Objective: Submit Major IT Business Case for Funding.

Phase 0 GuidanceLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
Navigate to OMB CPIC Guidance to complete the Major IT Business Case:
1. Conduct high-level Alternatives Analysis to gather information needed for Major IT Business Case (C)
2. Provide general information about the major IT investment such as investment name, UII (unique investment identifier), brief description of investment, brief description of investment ROI including benefits both internal and external to the government (C)
3. Provide the total estimated life cycle cost for this investment (C)
4. Outline the activities that are performed to achieve the outcome of each project (C)
5. Identify risks to each project's success and create a mitigation plan for the identified risk (C)
6. Identify performance targets and results for evaluating operations. Operational performance metrics should seek to answer more subjective questions in the specific areas of: Customer Satisfaction, Strategic and Business Results, Financial Performance, and Innovation (C)

• Government-wide Standards defined through the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) website
• CPIC Guidance

• Major IT Business Case
• Executive Sponsor (C)
• Organizational Executives (CXOs) (C)
• Program Manager (C)
• PMO Lead, if on-boarded (C)
• Functional SME (C)

Best Practice
• Use existing performance metric data to assist in identifying performance targets (i.e. previous Federal Benchmarking results, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, etc.). Consider contacting for assistance researching agency specific and government-wide results.