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Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Review and update the Training Plan to include specific training styles tailored to customer segments affected by the migration

  2. Shared

    Design training content and supporting materials and develop job-aids

  3. Shared

    Plan logistics for training delivery and confirm training roles and responsibilities

  4. Shared

    Deliver training

  5. Shared

    Develop Training Evaluation form and feedback process

  6. Shared

    Collect feedback and update Training Materials and delivery methods as needed

4.14 Best Practices

  • Consider developing webpages to share information for ease of access and frequent use by employees
  • Provide training in a variety of formats to accommodate different learning styles of stakeholders



  • Program Manager
  • Training Lead
  • Change Management Lead
  • Communications Lead


  • Program Manager
  • Training Lead
  • Change Management Lead
  • Communications Lead



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