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M3 Playbook > Phase 4: Migration > 4.1 Monitor and Control Program Execution

4.1 Monitor and Control Program Execution

Program Management

Task Activities

  1. Shared

    Manage Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) through weekly updates of activities, dates, duration, and dependencies

  2. Shared

    Manage scope and monitor program performance using Program Management Plan

  3. Shared

    Manage costs against the budget

  4. Shared

    Manage and update Resource Management Plan as resources are on or off boarded or as needs change

  5. Shared

    Manage and update the Integrated Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) Plan

  6. Shared

    Update program management documentation as necessary

  7. Shared

    Develop and distribute Status Reports/Dashboards and escalate decisions and issues as needed through governance bodies

  8. Shared

    Hold status meetings to monitor status against milestones, issues, risks, and make decisions needed for work streams, informing QSMOs as necessary

  9. Shared

    Hold executive briefing to share progress on transition

  10. Shared

    Continue to initiate and perform change requests to address changes in schedule, scope, and requirements throughout the program through the Change Request Form, documenting changes through the Change Request Log

4.1 Best Practices

  • Review and update the IMS as necessary and maintain an integrated recurring meeting and reporting cadence
  • Include all migration activities and responsible parties in the IMS. Migrations that include core and non-core services should align all services to the IMS
  • Create a consolidated list of action items for the customer and provider
  • Utilize collaboration tools to the fullest extent in order to facilitate information sharing across the migration program
  • For large agencies and complex implementations involving segregated business processes, teams should be co-located to ensure ease of communication, collaboration and problem solving; and to maximize program integration, including network access, conferencing needs
  • Ensure provider transparency with regular reporting on expenditure to date



  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • PMO Lead
  • PMO Team
  • Functional Lead
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect


  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • PMO Lead
  • PMO Team
  • Functional Lead
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect



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