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Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Conduct a Workforce Assessment by documenting as-is organization structure, skills, capabilities, and workload

  2. Customer

    Validate As-is Workforce and Workload Documentation with customer organization managers

  3. Customer

    Conduct an initial Change Readiness Assessment

  4. Customer

    Based on initial Change Readiness Assessment, identify initial key Change Management initiatives, strategies, and approaches to guide the as-is organization through the change

  5. Customer

    Report updates in governance meetings, Status Reports/Dashboards, and to QSMOs

  6. Customer

    Update the Project Business Case

  7. Customer

    Populate the Investment Readiness Checklist

1.7 Best Practices

  • Confirm the accuracy of the organization structures based on the records maintained by first level managers and the customer Human Capital office
  • A Change Readiness Assessment involves the periodic assessment of how stakeholders are responding or engaging with the change. Note this is not a one-time assessment. If an organization’s leadership and management are driving the change in a modeled way, then they should see changes in readiness scores as the change process approaches
  • Industry standards and change management best practices provide multiple change models that can be harnessed based on preference or organizational needs (e.g., Prosci, Prosci’s ADKAR Change Model, Kotter, Lewin’s Change Model)
  • Change management’s end goal is shifting the organization from a state of resistance to acceptance. Utilize the Change Curve to better understand the stages of individual transition and organizational change. Top level leadership commitment and active support for the change effort drives the most impact when implementing any change



  • Business Owner
  • PMO Team
  • Change Management Lead
  • Workforce Lead


  • Vision Statement
  • Project Business Case
  • Current Organization Structure
  • Position Descriptions


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