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Program Management

Task Activities

  1. Shared

    Develop a Lessons Learned Questionnaire and provide it to program stakeholders to gather feedback on the successes and areas for improvement, including feedback on the Communications Plan

  2. Shared

    Distribute questionnaire and provide time for response

  3. Shared

    Identify major successes and areas for improvement based on stakeholder responses

  4. Shared

    Facilitate a Lessons Learned Session with program stakeholders to review and further discuss Lessons Learned Questionnaire findings and additional program insights

  5. Shared

    Document the major successes, areas for improvement, and lessons learned of the program and present the Lessons Learned Report to the key stakeholders

  6. Shared

    Conduct knowledge transfer from migration team to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team and closeout program

5.2 Best Practices

  • Three key questions should be included in the Lessons Learned Questionnaire; (1) What went well, (2) What went wrong, and (3) What could be improved. The survey should also include questions around project activities scored on a range from low to high to allow participants to quantitatively identify what went well and what didn’t. Recommended questions categories could include project management, technology, communication, business processes, requirements, design and build, and testing and implementation
  • When facilitating the Lessons Learned Session, the facilitator should utilize the Questionnaire findings, key project documents, and project survey results to help guide the participant conversation
  • Use the Lessons Learned Report to document the program's effectiveness by comparing the Baseline Performance and Success Metrics against the Target Performance Success Metrics. Identify the unmet performance gaps and develop continuous improvement strategies that can help eliminate them



  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • PMO Lead
  • PMO Team


  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • PMO Lead
  • PMO Team



  • Lessons Learned Questionnaire
  • Lessons Learned Session
  • Lessons Learned Report

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