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M3 Playbook > Phase 4: Migration > 4.11 Conduct Mock Conversions

4.11 Conduct Mock Conversions


Task Activities

  1. Shared

    Define and test conversion scenarios

  2. Shared

    Design, build and unit test data conversion including extracting, transforming, and loading procedures

  3. Shared

    Design, build, and unit test validation/reconciliation reports

  4. Provider

    Test manual conversion and document results

  5. Provider

    Run mock conversion and document results in a Mock Conversion Report

  6. Shared

    Clean up data issues uncovered during mock conversions

  7. Shared

    Repeat subsequent mock conversions and update scripts as necessary, cleansing more data each time until program team is satisfied with data accuracy

4.11 Best Practices

  • Conduct multiple mock conversions to mitigate complex conversion risks and include enough time in the IMS to correct anomalies and update conversion programs
  • Use the Data Conversion Plan to identify strategies for converting data from an existing system to a new system environment. Define system structure, hardware and software conversion steps, and type of conversion effort. Identify available data, its preparation requirements for conversion, and necessary updates to available interfaces. Establish data quality assurance controls for before and after data conversion, and define tasks, procedures, and necessary support for carrying out conversion efforts
  • Use the Mock Conversion Report to define data required for conversion, understand the percent of data successfully converted, and develop a data conversion issue list to track resolved and outstanding items. Evaluate data conversion against success criteria to determine readiness for cutover and develop history of prior data conversion runs



  • Program Manager
  • Functional Lead
  • Functional SME
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect
  • Development Team
  • Network SME
  • Data Conversion Lead
  • Data SME


  • Program Manager
  • Functional Lead
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect
  • Development Team
  • Network SME
  • Data Conversion Lead
  • Data SME



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