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Task Activities

  1. Shared

    Develop Test Plans and Scripts (Integration, System, Regression, Performance/Stress, User Acceptance, 508, Smoke)

  2. Shared

    Plan and develop test data

  3. Shared

    Execute tests for each test cycle

  4. Shared

    Record, correct, and report defects in Test Defect Log

  5. Shared

    Perform regression test

  6. Shared

    Develop Test Results Report for each test cycle, confirm exit criteria have been met, and document results in RTM

4.12 Best Practices

  • Sequence System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) testing with mock conversions to be able to test with quality data to validate both system functionality and reports/data
  • Implement a consolidated defect tracking tool for use by both provider and customer during test planning; agree upon implementation tools (like requirements management and defect tracking tools) in the Provider Agreement
  • Leverage the RTM to map and trace requirements, test cases, and test scripts
  • Involve testing team members in requirements sessions to understand requirements better
  • Use the Test Defect Log to create test case and associated test scripts for each requirement, and define tester and test acceptance criteria. Log, track, and assign ownership for resolution of test issues to address outstanding items
  • Use the Test Results Report to document tested system functions, completed test case percentages, and a mapped user story and test issue list including resolved and outstanding defects. Determine test acceptance and readiness of system for next steps



  • Program Manager
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect
  • Development Team
  • Functional Lead
  • Test Lead
  • Test Team


  • Program Manager
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect
  • Development Team
  • Functional Lead
  • Test Lead
  • Test Team



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