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M3 Playbook > Phase 1: Readiness > 1.1 Conduct a Business Readiness Assessment

1.1 Conduct a Business Readiness Assessment

Program Management

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Review shared Vision Statement and Objectives of modernization or migration effort from Phase 0

  2. Customer

    Assess the agency's existing solution by documenting its high-level capabilities, offerings, challenges, and limitations

  3. Customer

    Define the target operational end state and draft desired high-level business requirements

  4. Customer

    Identify gaps in business needs between the existing solution and target end state

  5. Customer

    Brainstorm methods to close identified business need gaps

  6. Customer

    Update Business Readiness Assessment template

  7. Customer

    Inform QSMOs of Business Readiness Assessment results

  8. Customer

    Update the Project Business Case with Business Readiness Assessment results

  9. Customer

    Populate the Investment Readiness Checklist

1.1 Best Practices

  • Reference past Annual Readiness Assessment Reports, available on the Data to Decisions (D2D) website, to help perform the gap analyses
  • Clearly articulate the Vision, Objectives, and strategic intent of modernization or migration effort
  • Host a working session to ensure all major stakeholders understand the identified gaps in business needs
  • Establish how this effort aligns to current initiatives that are underway
  • Establish a shared vision with a sense of urgency based on data



  • Executive Sponsor
  • Program Manager
  • PMO Lead
  • PMO Team, if on boarded


  • Project Business Case
  • Vision Statement


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