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M3 Playbook > Phase 2: Selection > 2.6 Solidify Change Management Plan

2.6 Solidify Change Management Plan

Workforce, Organization, and Stakeholders

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Update the Change Readiness Assessment (if necessary) and finalize the Change Management Plan; including the strategies and timeline

  2. Customer

    Update Communications Plan based on labor relations meetings

  3. Customer

    Develop and deliver messages based on the Communications Plan

  4. Customer

    Monitor feedback from stakeholders and adjust Communications Plan

  5. Customer

    Report updates in governance meetings and Status Reports/Dashboards, informing QSMOs as necessary

2.6 Best Practices

  • Communicate the value/benefits of migrations and business process changes to the larger workforce throughout the program
  • Identify and describe the people, groups, departments, organizations, business processes, programs, and information technology (IT) systems/infrastructure that will serve as barriers to the change. Describe the ways in which these things will be a barrier to change
  • Include barriers and understand key stakeholders and how they will react to the migration in the key messages
  • Ensure all major stakeholders understand and buy in to the shared vision defined in Phase 0 and understand the role they play in the success of the initiative as outlined in the Project Business Case. The shared vision and roles stakeholders play should be reflected in the organization's Strategic Plan and personnel performance appraisals



  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Change Management Lead
  • Communications Lead



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