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Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement (OSSPI), Office of Government-wide Policy

How OSSPI Supports Shared Services


OSSPI is transforming the way government does business internally to improve the way the government serves the American public. OSSPI coordinates governance, executes Cross Agency Priority Goal program management, and develops processes to support development and implementation of OMB policy as it relates to mission support services.

More About Our Work

Our team specializes in big, systemic problems. The areas with the greatest opportunity for improving federal government efficiency and effectiveness often seem intractable because they cross federal agencies with complex bureaucracies and competing incentives and priorities. Our work helps agencies move towards operating as one federal enterprise to make government work better and cost less.

Our Mission

OSSPI leverages data, subject matter expertise and its authority to convene government-wide stakeholder groups to improve the delivery of federal agencies' missions by:

  • informing and shaping policy;
  • enabling evidence-based performance management; and
  • building strategies for optimization of management services.

Our Tools





Our Focus

Driving CAP Goals

The President's Management Agenda lays out a long-term vision for modernizing the federal government in key areas that will improve the ability of agencies to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service and effectively steward taxpayer dollars. Our communities are the driving force for accomplishing many of these cross-agency priorities.

$40B projected savings from smarter procurement
10% projected reduction in administrative costs
$90B smarter use of annual IT budget to modernize IT with increased transparency

The executive councils and Shared Solutions Governance Board convene leaders

Projected reduction in administrative costs

Smarter use of annual IT budget to modernize IT with increased transparency

Shared Services Vision

The current approach to providing mission support services such as human resources and financial management has resulted in duplication, fragmentation, and manual processes. Improving how these functions are shared across agencies through the Shared Services Vision CAP Goal will better support agency missions and save tax dollars.

Empowering Agencies to Improve Performance

  • Strategy: Expertise in management initiatives informs cross-functional and cross-agency solutions.
  • Performance Data: Government-wide performance data informs agencies' tough decisions, best practices, and benchmarking.
  • Hands-on-Help: Analysis, facilitated engagements, playbooks and toolkits provide leading practices to agencies.
CXO councils

Convening CXO Councils

Federal executive management councils lead interagency initiatives to spur innovation, elevate best practices, and bridge policy making and implementation to improve outcomes. Each council convenes the chief executive officers in its respective functional area to inform and implement management priorities across all 24 CFO-Act agencies.

"Our work helps agencies move towards operating as one Federal enterprise to make government work better and cost less."

Follow our work for updates or contact us directly. Our websites and Twitter handles provide regular program updates. You can also contact specific programs at email addresses below:

Federal Shared Services

US Performance Improvement Council

US Chief Financial Officers Council

US Chief Acquisition Officers Council

US Chief Information Officers Council

US Federal Privacy Council

White House Leadership Development Program

CXO Fellows Program

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