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M3 Playbook > Phase 1: Readiness > 1.11 Develop Initial Target State Concept of Operations and Scope of Services

1.11 Develop Initial Target State Concept of Operations and Scope of Services

Process and Service Delivery

Task Activities

  1. Customer

    Review Vision Statement

  2. Customer

    Understand the as-is operating model including people, process, organization, and systems

  3. Customer

    Validate and update as-is operating model with stakeholders

  4. Customer

    Validate the scope of service for O&M type of support (e.g. seeking transaction processing, system only, or full services)

  5. Customer

    Validate the scope of service for Additional O&M support services (e.g. help desk, business intelligence, training, surge support)

  6. Customer

    Validate the scope of service for Migration support services (training, data conversion, data clean-up)

  7. Customer

    Identify major processes that will be performed in the new solution, how users will interact with the solution, the future state operating model (which processes will be performed where in the future), and how the solution will be supported during O&M

  8. Customer

    Define the Target State Concept of Operations for retained and modernized/migrated systems and processes, which includes the Target State Systems Environment

  9. Customer

    Report updates in governance meetings and Status Reports/Dashboards

  10. Customer

    Update the Project Business Case and Business Needs Workbook

  11. Customer

    Populate the Investment Readiness Checklist

1.11 Best Practices

  • Understand which processes should be retained versus migrated
  • Understand which processes will have to change due to the migration to a shared environment
  • Document the process taxonomy to determine what will stay, what will go, and what will be migrated
  • Define all target systems/services, including expected performance requirements (e.g., estimated services/transaction volumes), performance metrics (i.e. based on the Federal Integrated Business Framework), and prioritized target systems/services for implementation developing prioritization basis for the scope of services for O&M and Migration



  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Functional Lead
  • Functional SME
  • PMO Lead
  • PMO Team



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