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M3 Playbook > Glossary



  • Budget or Financial Analyst
    Individual(s) conducting budget or financial analysis
  • Business Owner
    Responsible leader(s) for particular business functions on customer side, e.g., CFO, CHCO
  • Change Management Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for change management activities for the program
  • Communications Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for communications activities for the program
  • Configuration Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for configuration changes
  • Contracting Procurement Officer
    Individual(s) responsible for acquisition for the organization and managing contracts
  • Data Conversion Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for data conversion for the program
  • Data SME
    Individual(s) with data subject matter expertise
  • Development Team
    Group of individuals responsible for developing the technical solution
  • Executive Sponsor
    Executive(s) who sponsors the program
  • Functional Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for the functional aspect of solution implementation
  • Functional SME
    Individual(s) with functional subject matter expertise
  • Interface Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for managing interfaces during the solution implementation
  • IV&V Team
    Group of individuals responsible for verifying and validating processes
  • Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)
    Individual(s) who is (are) responsible for information systems security
  • Labor Relations Leader
    Responsible leader(s) for labor relations with the Union(s)
  • Network SME
    Individual(s) with network subject matter expertise
  • O&M Team
    Group of individuals who run O&M for customer and provider
    Office that coordinates government-wide shared services governance, executes program management, and develops processes to support development and implementation of OMB policy as it relates to mission support services
  • PMO Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for managing and overseeing program activities
  • PMO Team
    Group of individuals responsible for preventing governance gaps in program activities
  • Program Manager
    Individual(s) managing the overall program and integration of activities
  • QSMO
    Designated federal agency serving as governmentwide storefronts and brokers, offering solutions for technology and services in their functional area
  • Requirements Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for the process of defining and managing requirements
  • Risk Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for risk management processes
  • Risk Manager
    Individual(s) managing risk management processes
  • Security Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for security management
  • Security SME
    Individual(s) with security subject matter expertise
  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect
    Responsible leader(s) for the technical aspects of solution implementation
  • Technical SME
    Individual(s) with technical subject matter expertise
  • Test Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for testing
  • Test Team
    Group of individuals who run testing
  • Training Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for running training
  • Workforce Lead
    Responsible leader(s) for workforce planning


  • ATO
    Authority to Operate
  • BI
    Business Intelligence
  • CooP
    Continuity of Operations
  • CPIC
    Capital Planning and Investment Control
  • CSSP
    Commercial Shared Services Providers
  • ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • FIBF
    Federal Integrated Business Framework
  • FSSP
    Federal Shared Services Providers
  • GSA
    General Services Administration
  • HR
    Human Resources
  • IAA
    Interagency Agreement
  • ID
  • IMS
    Integrated Master Schedule
  • ICAM
    Identity, Credentials, and Access Management Framework
  • IT
    Information Technology
  • ITIL
    Information Technology Information Library
  • ISSO
    Information Systems Security Officer
  • IV&V
    Independent Verification and Validation
  • LCCE
    Life Cycle Cost Estimate
  • O&M
    Operations and Maintenance
  • OMB
    Office of Management and Budget
    Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement
  • PIV
    Personal Identification Verification
  • PMO
    Program Management Office
  • PWS
    Performance Work Statement
  • QASP
    Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan
  • QSMO
    Quality Service Management Offices
  • RAID
    Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions
  • RACI
    Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
  • RFI
    Request for Information
  • RFP
    Request for Proposal
  • RFQ
    Request for Quote
  • ROI
    Return on Investment
  • ROM
    Rough Order of Magnitude
  • RTM
    Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • SLA
    Service Level Agreement
  • SME
    Subject Matter Expert
  • SOP
    Standard Operating Procedure
  • SORN
    System of Records Notice
  • SSP
    Shared Services Providers


  • Input
    An artifact (usually created in a prior activity) or an event recommended to support completion of activities.
  • Exit Outcome
    An outcome that should be achieved by the time a phase is complete but is not necessarily a tollgate.
  • Output
    An artifact or an event that is produced by an activity to facilitate robust planning and migration activities in comprehensive program artifacts.
  • Best Practice
    A supporting tool for agencies to evaluate their plans and program artifacts against leading practices; guidance items can be used to shape the content of agency specific documentation when not using a template.
  • Progress Review Discussion
    A summary review that must be submitted at the end of a phase with key components to inform risk review and budget/funding decisions for the migration.

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