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Shared Services Governance Board

Portrait of Shared Services Governance Board

Dorothy Aronson

Chief Information Officer

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Ms. Aronson was recently named the Chief Information Officer for the National Science Foundation after serving for almost six months as both the Acting CIO and as the Director for the Division of Information Systems within the Office of Information and Resource Management.

Ms. Aronson is uniquely positioned to effect positive change and build upon years of foundational IT Governance groundwork already in place. In her role as the Director for the Division of Information Systems since 2011, Ms. Aronson also acted as the NSF Deputy CIO, facilitating the linkage of mission and strategy to IT tools which enable the Foundation to manage the full lifecycle of proposals and awards. Ms. Aronson is a highly skilled and gifted creative thinker, strategist, and artist; and, was recognized in 2013 as one of the FCW Fed 100 for her mastery of innovation and for her ability to effectively engage her staff around a common vision for cutting-edge IT in support of NSF-funded cutting-edge research.

Ms. Aronson’s deep understanding of IT, coupled with her commitment to the NSF mission, its employees and to the American taxpayer, have been instrumental in her ability to manage an organization of over 300 talented IT innovators who feel equally engaged, connected, and empowered to find creative solutions to IT’s most challenging dilemmas.

Prior to her time at NSF, Ms. Aronson served as the Director for the Office of Management Operations for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. She holds a Business degree from Duke University and is committed to lifelong learning.

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