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Grants Management

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Grants Management QSMO

Services: Grant Program Administration and Oversight, Management of Grant Pre-Award, Award, Post-Award & Closeout, Grant Recipient Oversight

In January 2021, HHS became the designated agency for the Grants QSMO with a goal of transforming government-wide grants management end-to-end. Created by the Office of Management and Budget in Memorandum M-19-16 - PDF, Centralized Mission Support Capabilities for the Federal Government, QSMOs are tasked with offering and managing a marketplace of systems and service solutions. Grants QSMO plans to better leverage the buying power of the government to:

  • Improve the user experience and service quality for applicants, recipients, and agencies;
  • Streamline and modernize the expansive and aging grants system landscape; and
  • Allow all Federal Awarding Agencies access to high quality shared solutions with reduced costs.
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General information about Quality Service Management offices can be found here.

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Grants QSMO Marketplace

In September 2022, the Grants Quality Service Management Office (Grants QSMO) launched its public-facing Marketplace of validated Federal Shared Solutions/Services for use by all Federal Awarding Agencies that award grants and/or cooperative agreements. This Grants QSMO Marketplace provides Federal Awarding Agency customers with information to support and inform decisions regarding adoption of shared solutions/services across the entire grants lifecycle. Federal Awarding Agencies that have identified a requirement for grants IT for any part of the grants lifecycle will consult this Marketplace, the Grants QSMO team, and the respective Shared Service Providers to determine if Marketplace offerings can meet their grants IT requirements.

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