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Grants Quality Service Management Office (Grants QSMO) Marketplace

The Grants QSMO seeks to transform grants management by empowering and enabling federal awarding agencies, applicants, and recipients with modern tools to efficiently and effectively deliver on the federal grants mission. The Marketplace is an online catalog of Grants QSMO-validated federal shared solutions/services that provide high quality, innovative, and trusted services. The Marketplace covers functions and activities across the grants management lifecycle, as aligned to the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) for Grants Management (GRM). The Marketplace also provides federal agency customers with detailed information about each solution/service to support and inform decisions regarding adoption of shared solutions/services, as well as information regarding mandatory federal solutions/services utilized in the grants management lifecycle. The Grants QSMO will continue to expand and mature the Marketplace over time to provide solution/service offerings that address the varying needs of all federal awarding agency customers.


  • Solution leverages for single sign-on authentication
  • Validated
    Solution has completed the Marketplace Validation Process and has been validated by the Grants QSMO
  • Approved
    Solution addresses an activity within the grants lifecycle

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This Grants QSMO Marketplace has been developed for use by all federal agencies that award grants and/or cooperative agreements. The Marketplace has been aligned to the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) for grants management and provides agencies with transparent information on validated shared solutions/services across the grants lifecycle to support and inform agency decisions related to adoption of shared solutions/services.

Federal agencies that have identified a requirement for grants IT for any part of the grants lifecycle should consult this Marketplace, the Grants QSMO team, and the respective shared service providers to determine if Marketplace offerings can meet their grants IT requirements. In the event an agency cannot meet its grants IT requirements with a Marketplace offering, the agency is to coordinate with the Grants QSMO which will support and advise the agency on potential investments to develop, modernize, enhance, or procure a solution/service, as required by OMB Memos M-19-16 - PDF, M-21-20 - PDF, and M-22-12 – PDF. This accompanying investment review process ensures that an agency investing in grants IT aligns the project to the Grants QSMO's Seven Guiding Principles for Grants Technology Modernization, leverages the Grants QSMO’s existing market research, shared resources, and best practices (e.g., GSA’s M3 Playbook), and avoids duplicative investments across the government. If you are a Federal Awarding Agency looking to invest in a grants IT system or have any questions for the Grants QSMO please contact us and visit our Grants QSMO Collaboration Site on OMB MAX.

Grants QSMO Investment Details Form Grants QSMO Investment Action Plan Template

Please contact the Grants QSMO team at if your agency or organization is:

  • gathering requirements for an investment in grants IT for any part of the grants lifecycle;
  • interested in acquiring a Marketplace offering;
  • requesting Technology Modernization Funds to address a grants IT requirement;
  • considering modernizing an existing grants IT solution/service;
  • considering developing a new grants IT solution/service;
  • considering procuring a commercial grants IT solution/service;
  • considering becoming a Federal Shared Service Provider;
  • interested in providing feedback about current Marketplace solutions/services;
  • wondering why your current shared service provider is not listed here; and/or
  • looking for more information about the Grants QSMO (visit our Grants QSMO Collaboration site here).

For inclusion in this Marketplace, the Grants QSMO requires externally shared federal solutions/services across the grants lifecycle to complete its 3-step Marketplace Validation Process (MVP) for their current functionality and offerings:

  • Step 1: Solution/service owners complete the Grants QSMO's Federal Shared Service Provider MVP Questionnaire, an in-depth list of standardized questions and associated validation criteria that drive toward a more transparent and detailed understanding of each offering. The MVP Questionnaire helps the Grants QSMO evaluate and ensure each solution/service offering aligns to the Grants QSMO's Seven Guiding Principles for Grants Technology Modernization:
    • Central focus on customer experience and improved mission delivery;
    • Adoption of business and data standards;
    • Adherence to security & technology standards;
    • Making purposeful and strategic investments;
    • Commitment to balancing innovation with stability of operations;
    • Employment of agile development of interchangeable, interoperable solutions; and
    • Use of data as a strategic asset.
  • Step 2: Upon completion of the MVP Questionnaire, the Grants QSMO conducts a rigorous review of the submitted responses and supporting documentation, and then meets with each of the federal shared service providers to discuss their responses, provide recommendations, and further explore areas of significant interest and/or impact.
  • Step 3: Following the Grants QSMO's evaluation and final review of the MVP Questionnaire responses, the Grants QSMO will formally onboard the validated solution/service to the Marketplace. Grants QSMO-validated solutions above are indicated with a green checkmark and the word "validated."
  • Note: The detailed process described above is the first step towards creating a high-quality foundation for the Grants QSMO Marketplace. The MVP process and the Marketplace itself will continue to evolve as we develop and implement a Marketplace maturity framework, incorporate user feedback, and bring on additional shared solution/service offerings.

If you are interested in learning more about Marketplace Validation Process, and/or would like to provide suggestions or ideas to help shape the future of the Marketplace, please contact our team at

As a result of the Grants QSMO’s ongoing assessments of Federal awarding agencies' grants technology needs, the Grants QSMO released a Request for Information (RFI) in March 2022 to gain a better understanding of the commercial grants IT solution ecosystem, as well as learn from industry on how best to operationalize a commercial side of the Grants QSMO Marketplace in the future. A government-wide team of over 20 reviewers from across 10 federal agencies reviewed the RFI responses from 62 respondents and participated in a Market Research Week hosted by the Grants QSMO, during which one-on-one sessions were held with specified vendors with existing end-to-end solution offerings.

The Grants QSMO has since partnered with a small federal awarding agency to leverage this market research and is currently piloting with them to develop an ordering guide and information hub. By leveraging Grants QSMO market research (which includes vendor cost estimates, current capabilities, and RFI results), this type of partnership will support agencies in their initial acquisition planning efforts and streamline the acquisition process (saving hundreds of hours of market research). Looking ahead to FY23 and beyond, the Grants QSMO intends to operationalize and mature the Marketplace by assessing multiple approaches to offer and support the acquisition of commercial solutions/services on the Marketplace. The Grants QSMO team expects to engage with commercial providers on future Marketplace solution needs later in FY23.

Please contact us at with any questions or feedback.

The Grants QSMO is developing a customer-focused Marketplace Maturity Framework to guide updates to the content, appearance, and user experience of the Marketplace. The team will be working collaboratively with the Marketplace Shared Service Providers to determine a common way to share price methodologies as well as measure and display customer satisfaction data for their solutions/services. The Grants QSMO will also expand the number of validated offerings on the Marketplace as additional externally shared federal Shared Service Providers complete the Marketplace Validation Process. Looking ahead to FY23 and beyond, the Grants QSMO is also assessing multiple approaches to offer and support the acquisition of commercial solutions/services on the Marketplace. The Grants QSMO team expects to engage with commercial providers on future Marketplace solution needs later in FY23.

The Grants QSMO acknowledges the following Shared Principles as it carries out its designated responsibilities per OMB Memo M-19-16:

  • The Grants QSMO will minimize any additional administrative and bureaucratic burden for all stakeholders, particularly for validated Marketplace solutions/services and providers;
  • The Grants QSMO will partner with validated solutions/services and providers as they define the types of customers that are the best fit for their solution/service, to help enable the Grants QSMO to properly help validated solutions/services and providers manage customer expectations;
  • The Grants QSMO and validated solutions/services and providers will collaborate to support implementation of grants management data standards, in alignment with any forthcoming determinations from OMB and the Grants Standard Setting Agency;
  • The Grants QSMO and validated solutions/services and providers will continue to collaborate and share information via recurring 1:1 meetings, work group meetings with other validated solutions/services on the Grants QSMO Marketplace (e.g., via the Marketplace Partnership Work Group (MPWG)), and other forums, as appropriate;
  • The Grants QSMO and validated solutions/services and providers will continue to collaborate and share information on planned investments in new modules or system functionality, as well as significant modernization efforts to enhance existing services; and
  • The Grants QSMO will continue to collaborate with validated solutions/services and providers to strategize on how best to develop more common customer engagement and feedback models that can better enable continuous improvement and performance management, improve customer and user experience, and reduce burden for recipients and federal awarding agency partners.

Grants Management: Externally Shared Federal Solutions/Services

Externally shared federal solutions are non-mandatory, federal solutions that accept external customers. These solutions are validated by the Grants QSMO after completing our Marketplace Validation Process.

Solution Name
Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)
Payment Management System (PMS)
Interior Business Center (IBC) Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation Service
Program Support Center Cost Allocation Services (PSC/CAS) Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation Service
Validation Status Validated Validated Validated Validated Validated PSC/CAS is re-assessing their capabilities, in coordination with the Grants QSMO.
Solution Description eRA provides mission-critical support for federal agencies awarding grants and other funding mechanisms. eRA’s electronic grants management services and business intelligence capabilities allow agencies to manage the receipt, processing, review, award and monitoring of grants and are used by applicants and grantees worldwide, including the U.S. and 55 countries. eRA is an established grants management entity with over 30 years of experience in the field. It is the largest research grants management system in the federal government in terms of the number of applications, accounting for over 50 percent of the grant applications received by, the fed-wide portal for finding and applying for grants. GrantSolutions supports Federal agencies throughout the full grants lifecycle - from pre-award planning through application, award, and closeout. As a shared service provider, GrantSolutions offerings solve for shared mission needs across agencies while incorporating unique business and regulatory processes for grant programs. The Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) is a completely electronic system that federal agencies use to quickly and securely transfer money to recipient organizations. Payment Management System (PMS) is a secure, online grants payment platform which provides awarding agency and grant recipient customers with efficient grant and grant-like payments, cash management, and personal grant accounting support services. The Interior Business Center (IBC) is a federal shared services provider that operates under a fee-for-service, full cost recovery business model, offering indirect cost rate negotiation services. Program Support Center's Cost Allocation Services (CAS) is responsible for reviewing and negotiating facility and administrative (indirect) cost rates, fringe benefit rates, special rates as determined to be appropriate, research patient care rates, statewide cost allocation plans and public assistance cost allocation plans. In addition to the aforementioned negotiations, CAS is responsible for resolving audits that involve indirect costs and cost allocation issues and methodologies, and provides technical assistance and guidance to both Federal departments and agencies and the recipient community.
Website URL
Contact Details or or
Notes   N/A*
*This is a service and not a system requiring login
Grants QSMO is not recommending new customers move to PSC/CAS during review process.
GRM.010 - Grant Program Administration
Grant Program Set-up & Maintenance

Approved Approved        
Grant Program Funding Opportunity

Approved Approved        
GRM.020 - Grant Pre-Award Management
Grant Application Support and Receipt

Approved Approved        
Grant Application Review and Selection

Approved Approved        
GRM.030 - Grant Award Management
Grant Award Issuance

Approved Approved Approved Approved    
Grant Award Payment Processing

Approved Approved Approved Approved    
GRM.040 - Grant Post-Award Management and Closeout
Grant Award Modification

Approved Approved        
Grant Award Performance Review

Approved Approved        
Grant Award Financial Review

Approved Approved Approved Approved    
Grant Award Compliance Review

Approved Approved   Approved    
Grant Award Risk Management

Approved Approved   Approved    
Grant Award Closeout

Approved Approved Approved Approved    
GRM.050 - Grant Program Oversight
Grant Program Reporting and Review

Approved Approved Approved Approved    
Grant Program Closeout

  Approved   Approved    
GRM.060 - Grant Recipient Oversight
Grant Recipient Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation

  Approved     Approved Approved
Grant Recipient Single Audit

  Approved   Approved    
  • 1Solution is leveraged by specific offices and/or programs within the agency.
  • 2Customers that are migrating to a shared services provider, as of 08/19/2022.

Grants Management: Mandatory Shared Federal Solutions/Services

Mandatory solutions/services are interoperable systems required by federal law or regulation that cover select business processes within the grants management lifecycle. Currently, Mandatory solutions/services are not included in the Marketplace Validation Process.

Solution Name
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Subaward Reporting System (FSRS)
Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC)
Entity Registration
Assistance Listings
Responsibility & Qualifications (formerly FAPIIS data)
Solution Description View Description is the single government point of entry for publishing Federal government discretionary grant and cooperative agreement Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)/Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs).

View Description

Entity Registration in provides entities the ability to apply for federal grants or loans or bid on government contracts. On, entities can register, update or renew entity registration, and check the status of entity registration. Anyone can search public entity registration information by creating and signing into a account.

View Description

Assistance Listings, formerly Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (, transitioned to in May 2018. This is now the authoritative site for assistance listings. Assistance listings provide detailed public descriptions of federal programs that provide grants, loans, scholarships, insurance, and other types of financial assistance awards. including information on eligibility, how to apply, and matching requirements.

View Description

FAPIIS is composed of an input and an output module. The input module is located in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) at FAPIIS Data Entry users input records via FAPIIS' CPARS input module. The FAPIIS output module provides users access to integrity and performance information from the FAPIIS reporting module in CPARS, proceedings information from the Entity Management section of, and suspension/debarment information from the Performance Information section of

View Description

FSRS is the reporting tool federal prime grants recipients use to capture and report sub-award and executive compensation data regarding their first-tier sub-awards to meet FFATA and DATA Act reporting requirements.

View Description

The Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) operates on behalf of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and its primary purposes are to: distribute single audit reporting packages to federal agencies, support OMB oversight and assessment of federal award audit requirements, maintain a public database of completed audits, and help auditors and auditees minimize the reporting burden of complying with Single Audit requirements.

Website URL
Contact Details
View Notes

OMB directs all Federal grant-making agencies to publish funding opportunity announcements – called "synopses" – on These announcements allow the public to identify funding opportunities for which they can apply. is part of the extended implementation of the Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act of 1999 (Public Law 106-107).

View Description

View Description

View Notes

The GSA/Integrated Award Environment (IAE) uses an innovative design and development approach to improve processes and implement policies for those who award, administer, or receive federal awards. Until recently, the IAE managed ten online systems for people who make, manage, and receive federal awards. Today, the number of IAE systems has been reduced to six. In the long run, it will be reduced to one in what is known today as Part of the modernization effort will be to incorporate FAPIIS onto their site.

View Notes

The GSA/Integrated Award Environment (IAE) uses an innovative design and development approach to improve processes and implement policies for those who award, administer, or receive federal awards. Until recently, the IAE managed ten online systems for people who make, manage, and receive federal awards. Today, the number of IAE systems has been reduced to six. In the long run, it will be reduced to one in what is known today as Part of the modernization effort will be to incorporate FSRS onto their site.

View Description

Media Requests: Please complete this Grants QSMO Media Request intake form to request an interview or quote from a member of the Grants QSMO team.

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