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Agency Senior Accountable Point of Contact

Per OMB Memo 19-16, all CFO Act Agencies will designate a Senior Accountable Point of Contact (SAPOC) to coordinate across agency mission support functions and collaborate with program offices to support adoption of the shared service strategies, communicate information across the agency, and take other related actions to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness consistent with the goals of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), as outlined on

Lynn Moaney

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Department of Agriculture

Kurt Bersani

Executive Director for Enterprise Services

Department of Commerce



Department of Defense



Department of Education

Ingrid Kolb

Director of Management

Department of Energy

Christine Jones (Interim)

DAS-Operations in ASFR’s Immediate Office

Department of Health and Human Services

Randolph “Tex” Alles

Deputy Under Secretary for Management

Department of Homeland Security

Patrice Clement

Senior Technology Advisor

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Joan Mooney

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management, and Budget

Department of the Interior

Melinda Rogers

Chief Information Officer

Department of Justice

Vince Micone

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations

Department of Labor

Susana Ramirez

Office of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services

Department of State

Victoria Wassmer

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Finance and Budget

Department of Transportation

Anna Canfield Roth

Assistant Secretary for Management

Department of the Treasury

David Orso

Executive Director, Enterprise Program Management Office, Office of Policy and Planning

Department of Veterans Affairs



Environmental Protection Agency

Anita Harrell

NSSC Executive Director

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Colleen Allen

Administrator for Management

Agency for International Development

Katy Kale

Deputy Administrator

General Services Administration

Mike Wetklow

Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Division Director for Financial Management

National Science Foundation

Eric Benner

Acting Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Erica Roach

Chief Financial Officer

Office of Personnel Management

Tony Paul

Director Office of Financial Systems

Small Business Administration

Michelle King

Deputy Commissioner for the Office of Budget, Finance, and Management

Social Security Administration

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