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Cybersecurity QSMO

Services: Security Operations Center standardization, Vulnerability Management standardization, and DNS Resolver service

The Cyber Marketplace offers priority CISA services to help agencies manage cyber risk. In addition to CISA-offered solutions, the Cyber QSMO also partners with federal service providers to offer additional cybersecurity services that will meet or exceed government standards and requirements. This helps ensure that agencies receive best-in-class services for the best cost.

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Cybersecurity QSMO Marketplace

The Cybersecurity QSMO Marketplace is an online platform for acquiring high-quality, cost-efficient cybersecurity services. The Cyber QSMO centralizes, standardizes, and markets cybersecurity services offered in conjunction with participating federal service providers. Centralizing this information helps reduce the time and cost involved in sourcing and maintaining cybersecurity solutions across the federal civilian enterprise.

CISA's Cybersecurity Shared Services Office recently published a blog on the Vulnerability Disclosure Program, one of many services offered through the CISA's Cybersecurity Marketplace.

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