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M3 Framework Introduction M3 Framework Overview M3 Phase 0 - Assessment M3 Phase 1 - Readiness M3 Phase 2 - Selection M3 Phase 3 - Engagement M3 Phase 4 - Migration M3 Phase 5 - Operations M3 Resources Phase 0: AssessmentPhase 1: ReadinessPhase 2: Customer ReadinessPhase 3: EngagementPhase 4: MigrationPhase 5: Operations
Phase 5: Operations

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M3 Playbook
Descriptions for how to apply the M3 framework for a modernization or migration, including detailed activity steps, inputs, outputs, lessons learned, and stakeholders involved.
Approved M3 Playbook
Phase 0
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5

Playbook Guidance
Guidelines that provide a standard set of expected topics to cover in each phase.
Full Download Guidance
Phase 1 Guidance
Phase 2 Guidance
Phase 3 Guidance
Phase 4 Guidance
Phase 5 Guidance
Tollgate Review Templates
Templates aid customers and providers in the completion of activities, providing aspects to consider while completing the activity. Templates do not have to be used if a customer or provider organization already has its own template as long as the detail included is the same.
Phase 1 Tollgate Review
Phase 2 Tollgate Review
Phase 3 Tollgate Review
Phase 4 Tollgate Review
As-Is Environment
Business Needs Workbook
Communications Plan
Data Conversion Plan
Sample Fit Gap Kick-off
Gap Analysis Register
Sample Gap Identification Form
Governance Charter
HR/Staffing Plan
Lessons Learned Report
Migration IAA Terms and Conditions
Provider Assessment Report
Requirements Management Plan
Requirements Traceability Matrix
Risk Management Plan
Status Reports/Dashboard
Stakeholder Analysis
Tailoring Guide
Test Plan
Training Plan
USSM Risk Assessment Tool