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Customer Council

The Customer Council exists to give consumers of shared services, both current and future, a voice to address current challenges and inform development of the shared services marketplace.

Council members represent the interests of their respective agencies across a number of management functions and are responsible for soliciting input and feedback from their colleagues as appropriate.
Representation Name
Department of Commerce TBD
Department of Treasury TBD
Unified Shared Services Management Beth Angerman
Department of Homeland Security Soraya Correa
Department of Education Denise L. Carter
Department of Transpotation Jennifer Funk
Environmental Protection Agency Howard Osborne
Denali Commision Corrine Eilo
General Services Administration Gerard Bardorek
Department of Health and Human Services Wendy Ponton
Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Mann
Department of Labor Ed Hugler
NASA Krista Paquin
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gordon Peterson
National Science Foundation Teresa Grancorvitz
Office of Personnel Management Rochelle Bayard
Small Business Administration Franklyn Matthews
Social Security Administration Michelle King
Department of State Scott Simpson
Department of Agriculture Rick Toothman
Department of Justice Terry Cook
Small Agency Council Chair Steve McLaughlin
Department of Veterans Affairs Tom Harker*
US Agency for International Development Mark Hunter
MAESC/HRLoB Dave Vargas

*The Customer Council Co-Chairs serve on the SSGB. They will bring forth recommendations and issues that surface in the Customer Council meetings for consideration to the SSGB.