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Business Standards Council

Although each functional area operates in its own unique environment with specific requirements and challenges, all functional areas benefit from closer coordination and collaboration supported by a more robust cross-functional governance model. To achieve this end, standards leads, in coordination with OSSPI, established the Business Standards Council to ensure better coordination of the Shared Services initiative.

Business Standards Council Responsibilities:

The Business Standards Council will serve as an advisory council to the SSGB and OSSPI providing: (1) subject matter expertise for their respective lines of business; (2) sharing of best practices and challenges in their functional areas; (3) continued improvement and optimization of processes through automation or consolidation; and (4) additional perspective from customer agencies as it relates to shared services policy, services and systems. Service area leads will also be active collaborators in:

• Common business standards
• SME oversight
• Services and metrics
• Criteria for solutions
• Support policy and promote efficiency

Governance Process:

To ensure identified issues are appropriately escalated and addressed,

• Service area leads will participate in monthly council meetings with the OSSPI Executive Director to ensure council participants are kept abreast of issues/concerns warranting the Council’s attention as well as decisions from the SSGB;
• There will be a co-chair responsible for helping to design and implement meetings and objectives of the council;
• The meeting will serve to coordinate shared services migration/implementation challenges, as needed.
• The charter will be revisited periodically to keep pace with the needs of the council.