[{"Identifier":"RPM.020.010", "Activity":"Real Property Asset Needs Determination", "Description":"Develop real property asset and/or component request with needs and justifications for new assets and/or components, changes to existing assets and/or components, or reinvestments in assets and/or components; Evaluate real property asset and/or component request to determine alignment with strategic objectives and program plan; Approve/disapprove real property asset and/or component request; Develop and provide feedback concerning disapproved real property asset and/or component request; Develop and approve request for Limited Delegation of Authority for real property asset and/or component"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.020.020", "Activity":"Real Property Project Feasibility Analysis", "Description":"Develop real property project business needs statement; Evaluate current real property inventory information to identify alternatives for meeting real property project needs; Develop request for feedback on alternatives for meeting needs and evaluate response; Identify preferred site for meeting real property project needs; Determine alternative acquisition approaches and develop evaluation criteria; Receive and evaluate market research information on each alternative; Determine risks and risk mitigation strategies for each alternative; Develop high-level cost estimates and financial analysis for each alternative; Evaluate types and sources of available of funds needed and resources for fulfilling asset needs; Analyze alternatives for meeting real property project needs and determine preferred alternative approach; Evaluate possible ancillary impacts of preferred alternative, including IT, security, safety, environmental, historic preservation, community, and other impacts to ensure the real property project is viable; Develop impact mitigation strategies for preferred alternative; Determine feasibility of real property project; Develop real property project feasibility assessment and obtain approval"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.020.030", "Activity":"Real Property Project Planning", "Description":"Determine swing space relocation needs and identify alternative space; Develop detailed project cost estimates, financial analysis, and business case for real property project, and obtain approval; Develop the real property project management plan for the selected alternative, including project management documents identified in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and obtain approval; Support selection of program development study contractor; Develop real property project program of requirements; Determine whether real property project exceeds the prospectus threshold and develop prospectus information"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.020.040", "Activity":"Real Property Project Budget Planning and Request Development", "Description":"Develop and provide real property project original or updated budget request information for inclusion in agency budget; Evaluate real property project budget change information and determine impacts"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.020.050", "Activity":"Real Property Acquisition Preparation", "Description":"Develop procurement purchase requests and supporting information; Consolidate acquisition package information and obtain approvals; Determine funds availability and request funds commitment; Submit acquisition package and supporting information"}]