[{"Identifier":"RPM.010.010", "Activity":"Real Property Program Strategy and Planning", "Description":"Develop real property program goals, objectives, strategy, and plans; Request and evaluate information concerning future real property asset needs; Develop forecasts, priorities, and risks concerning fulfillment of future agency asset needs; Request and evaluate information concerning existing real property assets for modernization, reinvestment, end of life, unneeded assets, possible reuse, or other needs; Determine goals, priorities, and risks for management of existing assets and rights to real property; Determine goals, priorities, risks, and risk mitigation strategies for asset reuse and disposal; Evaluate whether goals, objectives, and performance information are appropriate, achievable, and consistent with organizational goals; Update real property strategy and program plans based on changes in real property goals and objectives; Consolidate real property program estimated costs and determine total funding needs"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.010.020", "Activity":"Real Property Management Policy, Process, and Guidance Development", "Description":"Identify existing Federal legislation, regulations, policies, guidance, and standards for real property; Develop government-wide and organization-specific real property regulations, policies, guidance, and standards; Identify real property management procedures for real property assets; Update real property regulations, policies, guidance, and procedures"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.010.030", "Activity":"Real Property Management Reporting and Performance Evaluation", "Description":"Develop real property program performance measures and performance report information, including trends and patterns; Evaluate real property program performance against performance measures; Develop real property asset management report information"}, {"Identifier":"RPM.010.040", "Activity":"Real Property Management Independent Verification and Validation", "Description":"Evaluate accuracy of real property information against recorded information; Identify discrepancies and deviations (e.g., valuation) and monitor corrective action(s)"}]