[{"ID": "ITS.070.010","Activity": "Database","Description": "A relational database service for applications to access transactional data. A No-SQL database service for applications that need consistent, low-latency scaled out document/key-value store models."},{"ID": "ITS.070.020","Activity": "Distributed Cache","Description": "An in-memory cache service that helps improve web application performance."},{"ID": "ITS.070.030","Activity": "Data Management","Description": "A set of data analytic services that automate the movement and transformation of data including extract, transform and load (ETL) processes, data quality management and master data management."},{"ID": "ITS.070.040","Activity": "Data Warehouse","Description": "Services supporting a central repository or set of repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate source systems. Stores current and historical data used for creating analytical reports."},{"ID": "ITS.070.050","Activity": "Data Analytics & Visualizations","Description": "Software services and BI tools to analyze and communicate information clearly and efficiently to users via graphs, charts and other visual representations including geospatial analytics. Also includes real-time streaming analysis of data by providing low latency, highly available, scalable complex event processing over streaming data in the cloud."}]