[{"ID":"ITS.140.010", "Activity":"Application Support", "Description":"Application Support services provide the ongoing operational activities required to keep the application or service up and running, provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support to more complex or difficulty user questions and requests. Application Support may also include minor development and validation of smaller application enhancements (e.g., minor changes, new reports)."}, {"ID":"ITS.140.020", "Activity":"Central Print", "Description":"Central Print services provide high-volume and advanced printing for invoices, product literature or other complex documents for mass distribution. Additional post-print services may include folding, envelope stuffing, postage and bundling to expedite distribution."}, {"ID":"ITS.140.030", "Activity":"IT Training", "Description":"IT Training provides educational services to the organization's users on how the access and effectively use the organization's business application services, as well as common productivity software and tools."}, {"ID":"ITS.140.040", "Activity":"Service Desk", "Description":"Service Desk provides a single point of contact to meet the support needs of users and the IT organization. Service Desk services provide end users with information and support related to IT products and services, usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment, or software. Help desk support may be delivered through various channels such as phone, website, instant messaging, or email. Additional service delivery offerings include IT knowledge management, request fulfillment, desk-side and \"tech bar\" service offerings."}]