[{"ID":"ITS.120.010", "Activity":"File & Object Storage", "Description":"Secure and durable object storage where an object can be unstructured data such as documents and media files or structured data like tables."}, {"ID":"ITS.120.020", "Activity":"Backup & Archive", "Description":"Secure, durable and lower-cost storage service offerings for data backup and archiving. May include disk backup, tape backup, optical backup and off-site storage services."}, {"ID":"ITS.120.030", "Activity":"Networked Storage", "Description":"Storage services that provide a pool of storage to a server for the purposes of hosting data and applications, or to a virtualization environment for the purposes of hosting servers. Networked Storage services enable redundancy, ease of management, rapid move/add/change/delete capabilities, and economies of scale. Storage array network (SAN), network attached storage (NAS) and solid state drives (SSD) storage are example technologies."}, {"ID":"ITS.120.040", "Activity":"Distributed Storage (CDN)", "Description":"A content delivery service for storing high-bandwidth content at the edge network to reduce latency and improve application performance."}]