[{"ID":"ITS.100.010", "Activity":"Application Deployment & Administration", "Description":"Includes the release management and software distribution services to deploy new and/or the most recent software version to the host servers or client computing devices. Also includes ongoing operating system (OS) support and patch management."}, {"ID":"ITS.100.020", "Activity":"IT Service Management", "Description":"IT Service Management refers to the incident, problem and change management services necessary for IT to plan, deliver, operate and control the IT services offered to its customers. Software tools and services for assessing, recording and managing asset configurations, such as server settings or network router tables."}, {"ID":"ITS.100.030", "Activity":"Capacity Planning & Management", "Description":"Services which ensure that IT resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner. Takes into account the expected demand from the business or consumer along with the availability and performance of existing capacity and projects future requirements. Capacity management occurs across data center, compute, storage, network and other IT resources."}, {"ID":"ITS.100.040", "Activity":"Event Management", "Description":"Services to monitor resources and applications. Services that records API calls and delivers logs and insights. Services that provide log data consolidation, reporting and analysis to enable IT administrators and security personnel to understand asset utilization, user logins, and information access."}, {"ID":"ITS.100.050", "Activity":"Scheduling", "Description":"Services involved in the execution of tasks required to operate an IT Service and are often automated using software tools that run batch or online tasks based on specific events or at specific times of the day, week, month or year."}]