[{"ID":"ITS.030.010", "Activity":"Collaboration", "Description":"A selection of collaborative software offerings that enable people to work together to achieve common goals across locations and time zones. Enables the sharing of documents and deliverables across distributed users."}, {"ID":"ITS.030.020", "Activity":"Communication", "Description":"Communication represents a broad set of integrated or individual services that enable users to communicate with other users, partners or customers. This communication may occur via electronic mail, calendaring, messaging, social communities, audio conferencing, video conferencing and voice calls. More robust, unified messaging service offerings provide file transfer, file sync and share, embedded images, clickable hyperlinks, Voice over IP (VoIP) and video chat."}, {"ID":"ITS.030.030", "Activity":"Print", "Description":"A variety of peripheral devices that enable the distribution of information. Devices may offer one or more of these services - print, copy, or fax. Printing output creates a \"hard copy\" of digital documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Scan translates hard copy documents into a digital format for a computer to ingest and use."}, {"ID":"ITS.030.040", "Activity":"Productivity", "Description":"End user application software enabling the creation, editing, and saving of information in a variety of formats including, but not limited to: documents, presentations, spreadsheet, modeling tools, project management documentation, databases, desktop publishing, web design, graphics and image editing, audio/video editing and CD/DVD recording."}]