[{"ID":"ITS.010.010", "Activity":"Application Hosting", "Description":"Fully managed application and web hosting services including the general computing server, database server, web and application server services. Includes standalone Web Service and App Service platform services."}, {"ID":"ITS.010.020", "Activity":"Foundation Platform ", "Description":"Foundation Platform includes the core foundation capabilities provided by large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, as well as the \"platform as a service\" provided by many SaaS applications. ERP foundation platforms are the technical underpinning that enables the ERP application to function. It typically consists of programs and tools that support the interoperability and portability of ERP applications across systems and databases. Many SaaS applications also provide a platform capability to enable integration and development of additional applications or modules that complement the primary application suite to support the full organization."}, {"ID":"ITS.010.030", "Activity":"Streaming", "Description":"Services that deliver live and on-demand media streams including audio and video."}, {"ID":"ITS.010.040", "Activity":"Message Bus & Integration", "Description":"A messaging infrastructure to allow different systems to communicate through a shared set of interfaces. Includes event streaming to multiple applications, subscribe and publish notification service for enterprise and mobile messaging, task completion alerts and threshold alerts."}, {"ID":"ITS.010.050", "Activity":"Content Management", "Description":"A set of services that support role-based access and enable the capture, creation, modification, management, and/or disposition of digital content using a simple interface in a collaborative environment. Includes records management and digital asset management."}, {"ID":"ITS.010.060", "Activity":"Search", "Description":"A search service for finding data within desktop, web, and mobile applications."}, {"ID":"ITS.010.070", "Activity":"Decision Intelligence & Automation", "Description":"Decision Intelligence & Automation services allow software and devices to utilizing large datasets to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. Natural language processing, facial recognition, object recognition, intelligent personal assistants and robotic process automation are offerings that utilize these technologies to augment the human thought process."}]