[{"Identifier":"GRM.050.010", "Activity":"Grant Program Reporting and Review", "Description":"Develop and document program-level performance and financial report information; Evaluate and document program performance and financial results and provide to OMB-designated repository; Develop grant program input to agency performance and other reports; Evaluate and document variance between past program liability estimates and the program's actual operating cost; Determine grant program risk of material financial misstatement and record results; Determine program liability accrual estimate information; Conduct program review of program performance and financial results against objectives and other information and record results; Evaluate and document program compliance with authorizing legislation and program internal controls compliance with program policies and procedures; Document significant findings reported in past grant program audits; Evaluate program significant trends and patterns; Develop and document program lessons learned and promising practices"}, {"Identifier":"GRM.050.020", "Activity":"Grant Program Closeout", "Description":"Determine and document if all Federal awards for grant program have been closed out; Evaluate program performance and financial reports to determine the need for grant program funds reprogramming and document results; Retrieve final Federal award recipients' single audit information from OMB-designated repository; Evaluate final program significant trends and patterns and identify final program accomplishments; Identify and document final program lessons learned; Verify and document that all grant program closeout actions are completed and provide to OMB-designated repository"}]