[{"Identifier":"GRM.010.010", "Activity":"Grant Program Set-up and Maintenance", "Description":"Document grant program authorizing legislation; Identify and document special program requirements (e.g., oversight reporting) from the Federal authorizing legislation; Develop and document grant program scope, description, goals, objectives, and eligibility; Determine and document appropriate Federal award instrument; Confirm or obtain Assistance Listing number; Develop or update grant program performance measures, targets, baseline information, information collection, expected outcomes, and regulations and policies and document results; Determine and document level of Federal agency involvement in cooperative agreement; Determine and document cost share or match contribution; Develop or update grant program funding formula calculation and document results; Develop or update grant program package (e.g., program scope, Assistance Listing number, performance information) and document results; Determine funds availability and provide funds commitment information for grant program; Develop or update grant program funding and spend plan and document results; Evaluate prior Federal award recipients' risk evaluation information for similar grant programs or the existing grant program, determine trends and patterns of risks, and record results; Develop or update Grant Program Risk Management Plan, including strategic, operations and reporting, and compliance risk evaluation criteria, and document results; Develop and document inter-agency services/funding agreement and modifications; Request to transfer funds between Federal agencies and their existing programs; Determine and document Federal agency-designated high-risk grant programs"}, {"Identifier":"GRM.010.020", "Activity":"Grant Program Funding Opportunity", "Description":"Determine and document eligibility criteria; Develop and document application merit review criteria and process; Develop and document applicant strategic, operations and reporting, and compliance risk evaluation criteria; Determine and document Federal award recipient reporting responsibilities; Determine and document application period; Develop and document application instructions and submission process; Develop and document conditions for limited denial of participation (e.g., reason, scope, effective date, term); Develop funding opportunity and provide to OMB-designated repositories; Request updated project plan"}]