[{"Identifier":"FFM.100.010", "Activity":"Reconciliation with Treasury Balance and Sub-Ledgers", "Description":"Reconcile general ledger account relationships/tie-points; Verify general ledger account balances can be traced to aggregated or discrete agency transactions and aggregated or discrete agency transactions can be traced to the point of origination and source documents; Identify and record corrections"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.100.020", "Activity":"Reconciliation of Intragovernmental Activity", "Description":"Manage intragovernmental suspense activity; Reconcile intragovernmental activity transactions; Resolve issues; Record adjustments; Includes nonexpenditure transfer transactions"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.100.030", "Activity":"Reconciliation with Treasury Balance", "Description":"Record Treasury's general ledger account balance and transaction data for the agency; Prepare general ledger account, disbursement, and deposit reconciliation worksheets; Review, reclassify, and reconcile fund activity and balances; Includes reconciliation of fund balance, general ledger accounts, disbursements, and deposits with Treasury"}]