[{"Identifier":"FFM.090.010", "Activity":"General Ledger Set-up and Maintenance", "Description":"Establish and maintain general ledger account classifications, categories, and subcategories consistent with the USSGL accounts; Establish and maintain proprietary and budgetary account attributes; Establish and maintain attributes to support agency financial performance and operations reporting"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.090.020", "Activity":"General Ledger Posting", "Description":"Receive general ledger account transaction information provided by supporting financial management operations; Prepare manual journal vouchers and route for approval (as needed); Post general ledger proprietary, budgetary, and memorandum account transactions; Includes posting adjustments to the general ledger, discrete and aggregated transactions from subledgers, and transactions funded, obligated, or expended over multiple years to general ledger accounts that do not close"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.090.030", "Activity":"Accrual and Liability/Asset Processing", "Description":"Record, adjust, and liquidate budgetary and financial (proprietary) accruals, Record allowance for uncollectible amounts; Record actual and estimated liabilities; Includes, but is not limited to, intragovernmental liabilities, accrued employees' wages and entitlement benefits, and other liabilities"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.090.040", "Activity":"Period End Closing", "Description":"Close and open accounting periods; Record period end accounting entries; Includes month-end and year-end closings and closing nonfiduciary and fiduciary accounts"}]