[{"Identifier":"FFM.070.010", "Activity":"Delinquent Debt Collection", "Description":"Generate and send dunning notices, with due process language, to alert the payers of debt delinquent status; Determine allocation of amounts collected (e.g., first to penalties and administrative costs, second to interest, then to accounts receivable); Update receivables based on agency negotiated installment plan or compromise agreement; Request agency internally offset a Federal payment; Consult agency’s legal counsel to determine whether to refer debts to the Department of Justice for litigation or use other litigation authority; Refer debts to Treasury’s Debt Management Services (DMS) for cross-servicing based on agency advice and as soon as due process requirements are met (i.e., 120 days delinquent); Includes processing of fines, penalties, and administrative fees"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.070.020", "Activity":"Delinquent Debt Write-off and Close-out", "Description":"Make recommendations to agency to write-off delinquent debts older than two years; Appropriately classify written off debts as currently not collectible (CNC) or closed-out"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.070.030", "Activity":"Delinquent Debt Reporting", "Description":"Provide receivable and collection status information to support Federal receivable and collection reporting activities; Provide public receivable information to credit reporting agencies"}]