[{"Identifier":"FFM.060.010", "Activity":"Payer Set-up and Maintenance", "Description":"Establish and maintain Federal and non-Federal payer information"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.060.020", "Activity":"Public Receivable Set-up and Billing Invoicing", "Description":"Record receivables; Generate invoices and remit to debtors; Includes applying cost information when generating invoices"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.060.030", "Activity":"Public Receivable Receipt Processing", "Description":"Receive payments from debtors or payment information from Treasury; Match payments received to invoices and payer account or determine it is a miscellaneous receipt (e.g., user fee); Prepare and record collection deposits; Includes processing of unbilled collections and payments in advance of billing"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.060.040", "Activity":"Credit Memo and Adjustment Processing", "Description":"Communicate with Federal agency and debtor; Resolve issues; Record receivable credit memos and adjustments"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.060.050", "Activity":"Public Receivable Monitoring and Maintenance", "Description":"Analyze status of receivables; Contact debtors; Assess interest, penalties, and administrative fees; Monitor age of receivables; Determine whether to transfer receivables for delinquent debt collection"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.060.060", "Activity":"Public Receivable and Collection Reporting", "Description":"Provide receivable and collection status information to support Federal receivable and collection reporting activities; Provide public receivable information to credit reporting agencies; Provide deposit summary and detail information to support financial reconciliation activities"}]