[{"Identifier":"FFM.050.010", "Activity":"Reimbursable Agreement Set-up and Maintenance", "Description":"Establish and maintain customer, agreement, and unfilled customer order (UCO) information; Retrieve and provide agreement general terms and conditions (GT&C) and order information with G-Invoicing; Establish projects, as appropriate, to accumulate costs; Request advance payments; Includes setup and maintenance of Interagency Agreements (IAA) and federal and nonfederal agreements; Includes all pertinent customer information for trading partner processing"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.050.020", "Activity":"Reimbursable Invoicing", "Description":"Review costs incurred for delivering goods/services; Provide earned unbilled information to trading partners; Incorporate cost information when generating invoices; Generate nonfederal invoices and federal intragovernmental performance information; Generate customer account statements; Establish and monitor receivables; Provide federal intragovernmental performance information to G-Invoicing"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.050.030", "Activity":"Reimbursable Receipt Processing", "Description":"Monitor/confirm funds were transferred from federal agency trading partners; Receive payments from nonfederal trading partners or payment information from Treasury; Match funds transfers/collections to nonfederal invoices or federal intragovernmental performance information; Prepare and record collections and deposits for non-federal receipts; Process returned negotiable instruments (e.g., returned check because of insufficient funds or closed account) for non-federal receipts; Includes processing of unbilled (advance) and billed collections, and researching and resolving collections not clearly identified to an agreement"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.050.040", "Activity":"Reimbursable Reconciliation", "Description":"Reconcile federal reimbursable order, intragovernmental performance, and funds transfer information with G-Invoicing; Reconcile reimbursable activity on nonfederal orders; Resolve reconciliation issues; Work with trading partner to resolve unsettled invoices; Apply credit and debit memos and adjustments to nonfederal invoices; Assess interest, penalties and administrative fees on nonfederal unpaid invoices; Determine whether to transfer nonfederal receivable for delinquent debt collection; Provide adjustments to federal intragovernmental performance information to G-Invoicing"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.050.050", "Activity":"Reimbursable Closeout", "Description":"Review orders' financial status to confirm final costs were accumulated and invoiced; Liquidate unfilled customer order balances; For overpayments, generate intragovernmental/miscellaneous payment request; Close orders"}, {"Identifier":"FFM.050.060", "Activity":"Reimbursable Reporting", "Description":"Analyze and report on reimbursable orders, costs, invoices/federal intragovernmental performance, receivables, and receipts/funds transfers; Provide nonfederal deposit summary and detail information to support financial reconciliation activities"}]