[{"ID": "FFM.010.010","Activity": "Budget Set-Up and Maintenance","Description": "Establish budgetary resource reporting attributes; Record appropriated fund subdivisions before any of the appropriated funds are expended; Includes recording appropriation warrants, apportionments, allotments, allowances, allocations, reapportionments, transfer allocations, continuing resolutions, rescissions, and reprogramming actions; Includes setting up direct and reimbursable funding."},{"ID": "FFM.010.020","Activity": "Fund Allocation and Control","Description": "Implement controls designed to detect or prevent overspending for defined accounting segments; Execute statutory limitation control of funds restricting obligations and expenditures to amounts authorized by law; Execute administrative control of funds restricting obligation and expenditure from each account to the lower of the amount apportioned by OMB or the amount available for obligation and/or expenditure; Update funds control rules"},{"ID": "FFM.010.030","Activity": "Budgetary Reporting","Description": "Perform budgetary resource and budget execution analysis; Provide budgetary resource and budget execution information and reports; Verify required budget reports can be traced to general ledger account balances; Includes generating SF-132 and SF-133 and providing information needed for Budget Formulation."}]