[{"ID":"FFM.010.010", "Activity":"Budget Set-Up and Maintenance", "Description":"Establish and maintain budgetary resource reporting attributes; Receive agency spend and operating plan; Establish and maintain appropriated fund subdivisions and associated funding levels before any of the appropriated funds are obligated, expended, or disbursed according to OMB apportionments and agency spend and operating plan; Set up the funds control structure, levels, and accounting segments; Record the Treasury Accounting Fund Symbol (TAFS)/ Program/ Project/ Activity (PPA) information and organizational information for fund subdivisions; Includes setting up direct, reimbursable, revolving, contract, borrowing, financing, liquidating, advanced appropriation, anticipated collections, and non- expenditure transfer funds; Includes recording appropriation warrants, apportionments, allotments, sub-allotments, allowances, allocations, reapportionments, transfer allocations, continuing resolutions, rescissions, and reprogramming actions"}, {"ID":"FFM.010.020", "Activity":"Fund Allocation and Control", "Description":"Implement controls designed to detect or prevent overspending for defined accounting segments; Execute statutory limitation control of funds restricting obligations and expenditures to amounts authorized by law; Execute administrative control of funds restricting obligation and expenditure from each account to the lower of the amount apportioned by OMB or the amount available for obligation and/or expenditure; Update funds control rules"}, {"ID":"FFM.010.030", "Activity":"Budgetary Reporting", "Description":"Perform budgetary resource and budget execution analysis; Verify required budgetary resource and budget execution reporting information can be traced to general ledger account balances; Provide reviewed and approved cumulative budgetary resource and budget execution information to governing financial management authorities (e.g., OMB) for generation of SF-132 and SF-133; Provide reports of impacts from unusual events, such as sequestration, rescission, and deferrals; Provide reports on Antideficiency Act violations; Includes providing information needed for Budget Formulation"}]