[{"Identifier":"ERM.030.010", "Activity":"Records Disposal Eligibility", "Description":"Records Disposal Eligibility refers to the process of identifying groups of records that have met their records retention period. The records must not be part of any hold or information request to be eligible for disposal."}, {"Identifier":"ERM.030.020", "Activity":"Records Disposal Approval", "Description":"Records Disposal Approval refers to the process of notifying business owners of records eligible for disposal and obtaining the proper approvals to destroy the eligible records."}, {"Identifier":"ERM.030.030", "Activity":"Records Disposal Action", "Description":"Records Disposal Action refers to the process of disposing of records eligible and approved for disposal."}, {"Identifier":"ERM.030.040", "Activity":"Temporary Records Retention Period Change", "Description":"Temporary Records Retention Period Change refers to the process of changing the retention period of a group of temporary records due to special circumstances such as an order, law, or business justification."}]