[ { “Identifier”: “ACQ.050.010”, “Activity”: “ Contract Admin/Management Plan”, “Description”: “Assign COR and CO develop surveillance plan, conduct post-award orientation or contract kickoff, notify contractor of delegations, obtain sureties/bonds/clearances, provide appropriate legal and/or policy notifications, NDA requirements, notice to proceed, etc.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.050.020”, “Activity”: “ Notifications”, “Description”: “Identify and document Congressional notifications, post-award notices.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.050.030”, “Activity”: “ Performance Management”, “Description”: “Monitor performance, review/accept/correct deliverables, modify contract as needed, identify contractor conflict of interest issues, address conformance/nonconformance, determine payment methods, manage payments/financing/debt, exercise any actions deemed appropriate, monitor compliance, manage lifecycle activities, sub-contract achievement/plan reviews, documentation.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.050.040”, “Activity”: “ Contract Closeout”, “Description”: “Verify contract performance is complete, review received documents, identify and resolve any outstanding issues that would prevent closeout, obtain final invoice, document.” }]