[ { “Identifier”: “ACQ.030.010”, “Activity”: “ Cost Estimate”, “Description”: “With PM, develop and document cost estimates.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.030.020”, “Activity”: “ Competition”, “Description”: “Determine and document competition strategy and if applicable provide and prepare justifications for those types of competition strategies requiring them.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.030.030”, “Activity”: “ Requirements Documents”, “Description”: “PM completes information for document requirements, findings, determinations, data, outcomes, technical specs, performance specs, certification of non-personal services, requirements for contractor security clearances.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.030.040”, “Activity”: “ Procurement Request & Funding”, “Description”: “Advise program manager and IPT in developing a complete PR, identify funding arrangements for the procurement, and if any particular advance notices or other information is needed.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.030.050”, “Activity”: “ Solicitation”, “Description”: “With PM, develop and document source selection team, criteria, techniques, factors, and plan; sources; type of contract or agreement; applicability of subcontracting; negotiation and other instructions to offerors; conflicts of interest; pre-solicitation conferences if applicable; FOIA considerations; actions consistent with socio-economic considerations in acquisition plan. Hold appropriate conferences, respond to and document questions, make amendments, etc.” }, { “Identifier”: “ACQ.030.060”, “Activity”: “ Labor Requirements”, “Description”: “Identify and document any labor requirements. Include type of contract and level of effort required to meet technical specifications” }]