{ "acq-010": [{"Identifier":"ACQ.010.010", "Activity":" Business Analysis", "Description":"Determine and document the program need; form a team and document roles and responsibilities.\n\nTeam develops refined requirements for supplies and/or services, focusing on outcomes necessary to meet mission needs."}], "acq-020": [{"Identifier":"ACQ.020.010", "Activity":" Business Analysis", "Description":"Develop and document analysis of how the products and services acquired will support agency mission, including alternatives analyses, preliminary market research results, and cost/benefit analyses."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.020", "Activity":" Market Research", "Description":"Perform tactical market research and vendor engagement (such as industry days, demonstrations, etc.) to identify sources and relevant market and prior acquisition information to obtain the necessary goods and/or services, analyze and document considerations regarding contract consolidation and bundling\n\nDocument market research results including identifying any available existing government vehicles that could be used."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.030", "Activity":" Acquisition Strategy", "Description":"Determine and document appropriate contracting procedures to apply (SAP, sealed bidding, BPA, IDIQ, by negotiation etc.)."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.040", "Activity":" Acquisition Plan", "Description":"Determine if a written plan is required and, if so, document in accordance with the FAR. If necessary, develop and integrated project team (IPT)"}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.050", "Activity":" Contract/Agreement Selection", "Description":"Determine the appropriate contract or agreement type based on pertinent factors and potential risks and document the analysis and decision."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.060", "Activity":" Socio-Economic Programs", "Description":"Determine if competitive offers can or cannot be obtained from at least two responsible small business concerns and document information.\n\nDetermine and document whether or not the acquisition can be broken into discrete portions based on market research and consideration of socio-economic analysis."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.070", "Activity":" Interagency Acquisition", "Description":"Determine and document the appropriate interagency acquisition method for the required outcomes.\n\nDevelop and document appropriate requirements, terms, and performance outcomes for any interagency agreements."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.020.080", "Activity":" Vendor Engagement - Requests for Information", "Description":"Conduct pre-solicitation engagement activities (i.e., RFIs, industry days) to help refine requirements and gather additional information."}], "acq-030": [{"Identifier":"ACQ.030.010", "Activity":" Cost Estimate", "Description":"With PM, develop and document cost estimates."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.030.020", "Activity":" Competition", "Description":"Determine and document competition strategy and if applicable provide and prepare justifications for those types of competition strategies requiring them."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.030.030", "Activity":" Requirements Documents", "Description":"PM completes information for document requirements, findings, determinations, data, outcomes, technical specs, performance specs, certification of non-personal services, requirements for contractor security clearances."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.030.040", "Activity":" Procurement Request & Funding", "Description":"Advise program manager and IPT in developing a complete PR, identify funding arrangements for the procurement, and if any particular advance notices or other information is needed."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.030.050", "Activity":" Solicitation", "Description":"With PM, develop and document source selection team, criteria, techniques, factors, and plan; sources; type of contract or agreement; applicability of subcontracting; negotiation and other instructions to offerors; conflicts of interest; pre-solicitation conferences if applicable; FOIA considerations; actions consistent with socio-economic considerations in acquisition plan. Hold appropriate conferences, respond to and document questions, make amendments, etc."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.030.060", "Activity":" Labor Requirements", "Description":"Identify and document any labor requirements. Include type of contract and level of effort required to meet technical specifications"}], "acq-040": [{"Identifier":"ACQ.040.010", "Activity":" Proposal Evaluation", "Description":"As applicable, receive offeror proposals/quotes, identify and document strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies or risks; review small business subcontracting plans; conduct and document technical, cost, price, and past performance evaluations; analyze and document and justifications or socioeconomic set-aside decisions; conduct responsibility determinations; fair opportunity process; price reasonableness; negotiations, document all information."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.040.020", "Activity":" Responsibility Determination", "Description":"Review and analyze information on exclusions, integrity, etc. to determine responsibility; adequacy of accounting systems/practices; conflicts of interest; obtain necessary clearances; document decisions."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.040.030", "Activity":" Negotiations/Discussions", "Description":"Conduct discussions, clarifications, negotiations, document."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.040.040", "Activity":" Contract Award", "Description":"Create Award document with applicable clauses, obtain approvals, make notifications, make award, publish, conduct debriefings, manage protests, document, and report to FPDS."}], "acq-050": [{"Identifier":"ACQ.050.010", "Activity":" Contract Admin/Management Plan", "Description":"Assign COR and CO develop surveillance plan, conduct post-award orientation or contract kickoff, notify contractor of delegations, obtain sureties/bonds/clearances, provide appropriate legal and/or policy notifications, NDA requirements, notice to proceed, etc."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.050.020", "Activity":" Notifications", "Description":"Identify and document Congressional notifications, post-award notices."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.050.030", "Activity":" Performance Management", "Description":"Monitor performance, review/accept/correct deliverables, modify contract as needed, identify contractor conflict of interest issues, address conformance/nonconformance, determine payment methods, manage payments/financing/debt, exercise any actions deemed appropriate, monitor compliance, manage lifecycle activities, sub-contract achievement/plan reviews, documentation."}, {"Identifier":"ACQ.050.040", "Activity":" Contract Closeout", "Description":"Verify contract performance is complete, review received documents, identify and resolve any outstanding issues that would prevent closeout, obtain final invoice, document."}] }