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About Unified Shared Services Management


An ecosystem that eliminates redundancy, reduces risk, and leverages government’s buying power to deliver administrative services that make the government more efficient and effective.


Transform the way government does business internally to improve the way the government serves the American public.

Established in October of 2015, USSM oversees the shared service ecosystem and provides the strategy and leadership to make mission enabling services better, faster and cheaper. USSM, in coordination with the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Shared Solutions Governance Board, works to achieve three strategic goals:

  1. Enable the Federal government to make better decisions by making performance and cost data transparent.

  2. Reduce duplication & cost across government for shared administrative functions.

  3. Propose and reform policies/guidance to enable the vision for shared services, increase the likelihood of successful migrations, and reduce the barriers to adoption.

USSM is led by its Executive Director, Beth Angerman, and comprised of a mix of employees and detailees from various Federal agencies.

To learn more about the shared service ecosystem and USSM’s responsibilities see OMB Memorandum 16-11, Improving Administrative Functions Through Shared Services.