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M3 Playbook > Phase 5: Operations
5.8 Manage Contact Center
5.7 Conduct Continuous Improvement
5.9 Monitor and Update SLAs
Image Map Phase 0: Assessment Phase 1: Readiness Phase 2: Customer Readiness Phase 3: Engagement Phase 4: Migration Phase 5: Operations
Objective: Provide service and assistance to customers in O&M.

Phase 5 GuidanceLegend - Customer, Provider, Shared
1. Provide customer care for issue resolution and escalation according to service level agreement (SLA) metrics (P)
2. Coordinate escalated requests between customer and provider (S)
3. Document frequent issues and make appropriate requirement changes and training adjustments (S)

• Operations and Maintenance (O&M) SLAs
• Contact Center Strategy

• O&M SLAs
• Business Owner (C, P)
• Program Manager (C ,P)
• PMO Lead (C, P)
• PMO Team (C, P)
• Functional Lead (C, P)
• Functional SME (C, P)
• Training Lead (C, P)
• Change Management Lead (C, P)
• Communications Lead (C, P)

Best Practice
• Define mandatory requirements clearly and align with SLAs